05 March 2009

Where to Start?

After more than 15 years of high powered careers and success in the big city, our family decided to radically change the way we live. Stepping outside of our patterns and routines was unsettling but also deeply enriching and affirming.

Our first year was an exploration of place and values. We traveled and lived in Mexico and Colorado while exploring home possibilities in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah and Canada! We initially planned to travel for up to four years living in places of interest all over the world. Realities of homeschooling and travel with small children made it necessary to space out our travel in longer term chunks where we will get educational support as the children grow. We spent the greater part of the last six months narrowing down new home possibilities and are excited to say that we have chosen Park City, Utah. You can read more about that decision process here.

Here is a recent video capturing our journey from June 2009 through October 2010:

For more about our new home, check out Finding Home.

As we began this journey we had a new President and new hope for positive change in the world. As of July 2010, our President is embattled and our Gulf is dying in an endless eruption of oil with a broken economy and never ending wars. We are ever hopeful that our new home in Utah will provide the comforting community, family focus and connection to nature that we seek.

I hope to inspire others to reconsider the status quo and rediscover their own power to create whatever wonderful future they can imagine for themselves and their families.

Elle - author
P. Daddy - rock of the family
Em - age 13
Coco - age 10
KK - age 6
Zee - age 4
Aqua - ball lover (passed away in August 2009)
Zoe - newly adopted 5 year old dog


April Cornell loves coffee, chocolate and Life On Purpose!

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