10 February 2012

Day Four - Detox

I love the internet as much as anyone but it really is a distraction.  The connection went down Tuesday, which was perfect because the last 5 chapters of the novel I was really hoping to finish while here flew off my fingertips.  By the end of the day, I was in shock, thrilled and ready to celebrate with a tall glass of Kangen water.  

Kangen water is the #1 health tool of Japanese doctors.  It is in every hospital.  It is a machine that filters out the chemicals in regular tap water, alkalizes it and ionizes the molecules into a smaller size that penetrate cells walls easier so that toxins can eliminate faster.  I saw a demonstration of acidity and oxidation levels of pop soda, soda water, propell, vitamin water, fiji water and regular tap water.  Carbonation is so acidic and oxidative that the Kangen water could not neutralize it.  It did bring up the PH of tap and bottled water.  

Bottom line:  do not drink any carbonated sugar drinks.  Ever.  They are turning us into those old rusty cars whose engines are dropping out.  Cola can dissolve a tooth!  Imagine what it does to your stomach and intestines!  Chris Young, the rep for Kangen Water (and an incredibly fit and healthy 51 year old cancer survivor) tells the most amazing health recovery stories solely drinking this water.  The staff at WeCare also have personal stories of how their health or weight improved only drinking the water.  I believe it's a big reason why people can detox so quickly and deeply while at WeCare.
Tip:  Lemons absorb toxins out of liquid so add it to your tap water to help remove the chemicals municipal water companies must add to keep everyone safe from dangerous microbes.  It also alkalizes the water which helps your body manage all the toxic substances we inhale, absorb and digest daily.

With my novel completed, I was free to relax.  Finally.  Sometimes we get so caught up in busy we don't realize how long it's really been since we took care of ourselves.  I started coming to WeCare in 2009 and intended to make this my birthday present every year.  Somehow last year I didn't make it.  Although I have incorporated many ideas from WeCare into my home life over the years, I was surprised by a caffeine headache Monday night and into Tuesday morning.  I drink chai, not coffee.  Apparently that has enough caffeine in it that it really hit me.  Back to Yerbe Mate for me.  They recommend Yerbe Mate at WeCare because it is an energy lifting tea without the addictive qualities of caffeine.

In many ways our addictions teach us a valuable lesson about our nature.  We can be addicted to many things.  Most people think of recreational drugs or alcohol.  But caffeine and sugar are huge addictive substances.  Any food is addictive and toxic if we eat more than we need.  Lifestyle can be addictive, too.  Television.  Exercise or couch surfing.  Habits.  Toxic relationships.  So the question is when does an addiction start to have a negative impact?

When you cannot stop doing something you know or suspect may be harmful to you, those you love or the world, you are addicted.  Entrained with a pattern that is toxic.  Many patterns are unconscious so bringing them into our awareness is the first step.  Often times we rationalize, justify or feel trapped by our patterns.  The blessing in this dynamic is that at some point the symptoms, discomfort, threat to your well being becomes so great that you must wake up and choose.  An important aspect of choice is knowledge. When you know better, you can do better.

Spiritual Healing

My absolute favorite part of these fasting retreats is not the very structured detoxing regime (body work) or even the informative classes (mental work), but the spiritual work.  Healers of many types are invited to come and sit with the clients, teach, and have private sessions.  The clients themselves share and touch each other's lives in mystical ways.  It never fails that every single retreat the perfect assembly of souls arrive to hold space and wisdom for each other.

Today someone asked me what the greatest "take away" has been so far.  I thought that was a great question, so here are my answers:

1.  I learned from "Dolly" to have a shaker full of love to cook with.  Literally put a little heart on a condiment container and add it consciously to anything I cook.  I remember the movie "Like Water For Chocolate" about infusing food with love.  Our intentions and energy flavor everything we do.  What a beautiful idea.

2.  I learned from my dear healer friend Scott Schwenk that relationships are always about what we can bring TO them, not what we take from them.  Rather than thinking "I want love" the more empowered space says "I am love."  What I am feeling a lack of, no one else can fill.  He reminded me to renew my practice of meditation.  Another great way to fill the love tank is to recall past moments of unconditional love, like when I held my babies.  Bringing that love memory into my now moment and infusing my body and awareness with it is like marinating in delicious love sauce.  He also pitched asking for grace in any encounter or situation where I was unsure.  Genius.

For those also interested in relationship work, he recommended the book Kindred Spirit by Mathew and Terces Englehart of Café Gratitude.  And if anyone wants to open a Café Gratitude in Park City, Utah, email me!

3.  I learned from “Jason” that health gurus can be hypocritical and dogmatic. Hunting has been and can still be an honorable and healthy way to eat.  Blood type science supports that we are different in our needs.  As Jason pointed out, many vegan/vegetarians honor so much about the Native American traditions and yet ignore the fact they ate meat.  Together we speculated that much of the hostility stems from anxiety, mistrust and lack of control over our food sources today.  Industrialized meat production is horrific and toxic for everyone.  There are humane, healthy alternatives just as with every food type.  We decided the solution is to get reconnected.  Grow your own.  Know your food from the source.

4.  I learned from Susanna Belen, the founder of WeCare to throw my gluten free grains into the rice cooker all at once for the ultimate convenient healthy dinner.  Basmatic brown rice, quinoa and lentils with frozen or fresh veggies.  Add some olive oil and Bragg’s or WeCare’s “My Protein” to taste.  It really is delicious!  Soak bean before cooking to remove outer shell and release enzymes for easier digestion.  Make Tahini with a Vitamix using sesame seeds, lemon juice, water and “My Protein.”  It makes a fabulous dressing for salads or rice.  She also said her mantra “Home is where your nutrition is.”

Tips:  Susana says the fumes from cooking on Teflon are known to kill birds.  Throw it out.  It can kill you, too.  Microwaves kill nutrients.  Throw them out.  Inevitably the majority of restaurants are serving inferior food, cooked and served by unhappy people in kitchens that are not very clean.  That is an energetic recipe for poor health for anyone who consumes the food.  Get your nutrition from home not restaurants.

Susana has so much to teach, that even after having sat in her classes many times, I always learn something new.  You can either come to WeCare yourself or get her book Detox and add some healthier habits to your life.

5.  I learned from Mary, the rock star acupuncturist that gratitude should be expressed openly and frequently.  She does a gratitude/health blessing before and after every treatment.  It’s incredibly touching and her work is simply elevated all the more.  She has a gift and it may be in part due to her attitude and gratitude.

6.  I learned from Renee, the hypnotherapist, how to go into a meditative state to reprogram my subconscious.   I was able to write down all my personal goals in my subconscious “book” in the presence of my “coaches” (JK Rowling and Deepak Chopra) while seeing myself dance throughout my day doing all the things I really want to do.  The result?  Incredible joy and ease.  And the more I envision and embody these goals in a deep place of meditation, the more they automatically play out in my conscious waking life.  How cool is that?

7.  I learned from Pam that we teach our children about relationship.  It’s important to make sure that as parents, we offer them tools and knowledge so they can be compassionate and self-aware partners in their life.  She shared the book “The Richest Man Who Ever Lived:  King Solomon’s Secrets to Success” by Steven Scott as a book she plans to give to her sons so they might navigate all their relationships and endeavors with wisdom.  She gave me a wonderful passage on husbands and wives that really made so much sense.

8.  I learned from Susana, Dinah and Bill that the 70s are beautiful, active and vital years if you take care of your health.  They are all so accomplished and energetic with so much more yet to offer the world.  Very inspiring.

Here is an amazing song by the greatest American rock icon that never was.  Sixto Rodriguez is the subject of an amazing movie at Sundance called "Searching for Sugarman" where some South Africans went looking this rockstar who was bigger than Elvis or the Beattles in their country.  It was by far my favorite film at Sundance.  Definitely catch it if you can.  And get his albums.  I think he's better than Dylan.  That's just my opinion.  His lyrics are incredible and his voice is impeccable.

I wonder by Rodriguez

I am already thinking about when I can come back.  Yes, it's that amazing here.

The light in me, sees and bows to the light in you,


Detox by Susana Belen
Clean by Alejandro Junger, MD
Kindred Spirits by Matthew and Terces Englehart
Alkalize or Die by Dr. Theodore Baroody
The Enzyme Factor by Hiromi Shinya MD
Killing Cancer Not People by Robert Wright

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