05 February 2012

Dispatch from the Desert

The warm desert wind out of the East is like a melody to a song whose lyrics are forgotten or irrelevant.  Her greeting is ancient and fresh.  She stirs the glorious pot of memory; moons of possibility, fires of transformation, patterns freed, heart in repair and mind unbound.  I have returned to the desert.  A place of healing for those who find it.

This is also the place where I began this blog.

In early 2009, just before we had to commit to leaving our city life, I booked a trip to this desert oasis.  I was stressed and confused, desperate for clarity.  A friend came back glowing and peaceful.  I wanted that.  I needed that.

I arrived today for my fourth juice fasting retreat.  Everything about this visit is different from that first one only four years ago.  I was so nervous packing that first time.  I knew there were no laundry facilities so I packed 7 outfits not realizing I would spend 90% of my time in a bathrobe or yoga pants.  I expected to have hours and hours of free time so I brought my nightstand reading stack not realizing the spa provides a free library and every room has a dozen very interesting books to read.  But more importantly, there are so many classes and treatments and interesting people to meet and chat with that I hardly spent any time in my room.  That was the year I planned to start writing for the first time in decades.

This year I am here to finish a writing project.  I have six chapters (or so) left to write for the first book of the fiction series I've been working on for well over a year now (two if you count the idea phase).  I have the space, the quiet, the sun, the birds and rabbits, the meditative walks and the tools to resolve whatever blocks that may be in the way of finishing this long beloved and sidelined project.  Certainly I can't blame incompletion on my kids.  Not this week.

The thing about this place is that whatever it is you need, where ever you are in your life, the universe conspires to provide it here.  If you are open, listening, and sincere in your desire to receive, magic never fails.

This evening during open sacred circle, the facilitator had us write down whatever blocks we wanted to release on little pieces of insta-flame paper.  After walking around the fire and setting our intention to let go of xyz, we set the paper on fire, transmuting the issue in a powerful alchemical ritual.  Then we picked up a small rock found on the retreat grounds.  In my years studying various energy healing modalities, I've come to immediately sense vibrations of things.  My little rock hummed with life.  The facilitator said whether the rock has our name on it, chooses us or we choose it, matters not.  What matters is that we can use the rock to anchor our entire week of experiences and take it with us when we leave.  Every time we feel something really powerfully shift or change, we should send that energy into the rock as a marker, a record, a memory bank.

How lucky are the rocks, trees, and people of this desert oasis who hear the song of the wind and know her melody by heart.

Be Here Now by George Harrison

My wish for you is that you find a space in your life to be, listen and receive the great wisdom that is right inside you, now.


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