11 February 2012

The Fruit of Detox

Last day at the retreat is always bitter sweet.  The sweet part is that you feel better than you have in year(s);  recharged, clear, energetic and transformed.  While I really miss my family, I know this amazing bright energy I have right now slowly drains away as I get caught up in the hurry.  Everyone here feels it. We say our reluctant goodbyes, exchanging emails and promises to stay in touch.  I see in each pair of eyes a witness, a friend on the path towards real health.

What I want to bring home with this new, healthier me, is tangible ideas that will manifest a healthier family and pace of life.

1.  No more junk food.  That includes all kinds of fast food and most restaurants.  We don't usually think of sit down restaurants as fast food, but they are.  It's important to know where ALL your food comes from.  It's about sugar, chemical additives, GMOs, fillers, gluten grains, transfats, MSG alternatives, industrial meat, etc.  I will have to start asking our local restaurants where they source their food.  Eating healthy is expensive.  But so is poor health.
Health Goal:  I would LOVE to bring Cafe Gratitude to Park City.  For those who don't know, Cafe Gratitude is a semi raw and vegan restaurant that makes fresh, local, organic dishes and serves them with mindfulness and gratitude, of course.  I had the great pleasure of eating there before leaving San Francisco.  See "May I Be Frank" a documentary about a big unhealthy guy regaining his life with the help of Cafe Gratitude.
2.  Get Raw-nchy.  Our family already eats 2-3 vegetable dishes with lean wild or grass fed meat for dinner.  I want to increase it further and make sure everyone has salad at least once if not twice a day.  Greens BUILD our bodies.  No more bovine dairy.  No gluten grains and few simple carbs.  The author of Enzyme Factor says even white rice is "dead" food.  I want raw LIVING food in our home and our stomachs to fuel our bodies and minds.  Out of respect for the bodies that carry us forward on our life purpose, we honor them by honestly nourishing them.
Health Secret:  humans are supposed to eliminate at least 2-3 times a day!  If you're going #2 one or fewer times a day, you are constipated.  That means you are reabsorbing toxins your body is struggling to get rid of which often means fat storage.  Fat cells protect us from toxins by stuffing them away.  Stubborn fat could be a clue you might be toxic and need to detox.
3.  Shop Compassionately.  Where did the item in my cart come from?  How was it made?  Did it harm the Earth or anyone else in the process of reaching the store shelf.  I am thinking about everything from fossil fuel usage, to factory farming to child labor to pollution.  The more I can know or understand about a product I exchange my money with, the better.  All of life is energy exchange at some level.  My money is simply a form of energy.  I want to use it compassionately.
Health Secret:  Locally grown produce is by far and a mile the healthiest food you can ever consume.  Your back yard or a farmer near you.  There is nothing hotter right now than supporting local farming.
4.  Love in Action.  When I am writing, calling, cooking, walking the dog, talking to my neighbor, I want to bring love to my action.  I intend to ask for grace in every interaction I have so my hands, my body, my words, my heart, my mind may be wise and compassionate with those who reach out to me.  My teacher, Scott, said he likes to ask, "please show me in a way that I can understand."  And then listen to heart.
Health Secret:  Hugging creates happy hormonal reactions in both the hugger and the hugged.  Sorta like smiling makes you feel happy even if you didn't start off meaning it.  So, hug people.  Hug your spouse, your kids, your friends.  Make sure it's a heart-to-heart deep hug.
5.  Grateful heart.  We are all incredibly blessed whether we see it that way or not.  We already have a semi-regular habit of sharing what we are grateful for at meal time.  I would like to also thank the creative force-that-can-never-be-named for the the food that we choose with compassion and prepare with love.
Health Secret:  When we focus on what we want or what we love, we strengthen that in our lives.  Gratitude is a wonderful, natural way to focus our energy on the positive.
6.  Healthy Sleep.  It's so important to get enough high quality sleep.  Some serious interference happens with screens;  television, computers, ipads, phones.  I intend to turn them all off by 7 pm.  Business can wait.  Content on television is primarily toxic.  The light source also messes with your circadian rhythms which makes it difficult to settle down at a healthy hour.  Ironically, I sometimes like to write at night.  I will grab a notebook and pen, instead. Turn those screens OFF.
Health Secret:  Cell phones and laptops should not be left on your nightstand.  Electro-magnetic frequencies, including wireless interfere with cellular function.  Move your alarm clock or any device that emits electricity across the room.
7.  Exercise For Life. The heart is the primary organ for stimulating blood flow which carries toxins out of your cells.  It's absolutely essential for detoxing on a daily basis.  Forget about weight loss.  This is about cellular health and longevity.  As a writer I sit much more than I'd like because I haven't figured out how to write on the run.  I want to sit because I choose to not because I have to.
Health Secret:  Find a friend or group of friends you can take a walk with every day.  It will help make you accountable to yourself AND you get that social bonding we all need, too.
8. Meditation Miracle. Meditation is a very simple exercise to get in touch with the voice that has no voice.  In a few minutes, you can relax your feet, hands, eyes and neck, focus on your breath and notice your thoughts fluttering around.  Focusing on the breath is enough often times to drift to a place where you realize you are witnessing your body and mind.  In that space, your true self will arise and deliver insights or maybe a feeling.  Cool Cheat:  The EOC Institute has a track called "Balance" that my teacher/friend Scott recommended.  Listen with headphones and notice how quickly your brain entrains and relaxes.
Health Secret:  Meditation is a way of centering and setting intentions for the day.  It's like starting a ripple in your own pond.  The rings will lead the way.  Which way do you want to go?
9.  Laugh Out Loud.  Laughter stimulates health hormones and it massages your liver and stomach which helps with digestion.
Health Secret:  Take some food enzymes to help digest the foods we inevitably eat that are hard for our abused digestive tracts to break down.
10.  If you enjoy my blog, please pass this on, share it on social media, send me an email.  I am putting together a new website which will consolidate all my blogs and projects in one place.  I'm considering compiling Life On Purpose into a book.  I would love to know if that would be of interest to anyone who has followed along so far.  Please let me know!

Big bear hugs,

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