23 February 2012

What If We Stopped?

Butterfly Releaser by Ella Moss

The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.  
~Albert Einstein
The news feeds are filled daily with oppression, depression, indignation, horror.  It’s always been so, hasn’t it?  It’s our collective status report, the one we subscribe to most.  How do we expect the news to change if we keep ordering the same dish?  While most of us are tucked far away from the epi-centers of our news, the truth is WE are part of the problem.  Our daily choices and habits reinforce the system that sucks our life energy dry.  We are participating and creating every single thing we observe. 

Our feelings, thoughts and actions become chess pieces in the greatest energy grab on Earth.  7 billion people jostling for scarcity and security in a world our news feed says is on the brink of disaster

But what if we stopped?

accepting the charade and lies of the status quo?
paying taxes to a system that fails to act responsibly?
buying toxic products of industry and convenience?
believing that we are incomplete, unworthy or powerless victims?
giving away our energy and resources?
polluting our bodies, minds and Earth?

Doesn’t it say somewhere in our constitution that if our Government fails to protect our nation, which includes the health of the citizens and the shared resources, that it then forfeits its power?  Doesn’t it then obligate each of us to kick the bums out and start over?  What if we start with what we can each personally do?  Voting is multi-level.  We can vote on a ballet, with our wallets and with our feet.  We can also vote with our hearts.

{and I can write something to get you thinking…}

Think about when you are happy.  Relaxing, in the sun, with fresh food, family and friends, simple pleasures.  Even those who are totally unconscious and driven by addictions know the simplicity of life, breath, health and earth.

What if we stopped this incessant push for more, more, more?  Walk away from the chips on the table?

Live with...
less stuff and more creativity.
less driving and more reflection.
less dishonesty and more acceptance.
less isolation and more connection.
less judgment and more curiosity.
less wanting and more giving.
less pain and more awareness of who we really are.
You don’t have a soul.
You are a soul.
You have a body.
~Carl Jung
What if the only real obstacle we have to our ideals, health, happiness and real freedom, is ourselves?  What if each of us did a couple of major reboots to how we live and act that took power away from toxic entities and directed it towards LIFE and empowered co-creation?  Can we examine every habit, behavior, interaction, purchase, vote, word, thought, emotion and see where it’s really taking us on a daily basis?  Can we move towards a healing pattern instead of a destructive pattern?

Is it possible?

Can we stop and change course?

If you think we can, please share your ideas for how to begin…

With hope,

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